Equine massage services and discount offers for you and your horse



Below is an overview of my services and prices. My equine sports massage services cover Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Appointments further afield are available on request.

I'm fully qualified and insured to practice equine sports massage therapy and practice within the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966).

Equine Massage Prices


Initial Consultation

All horses visited for the first time must have a thorough consultation. This includes reviewing a full and detailed history, followed by a static / dynamic assessment where the main problems will be identified. Includes an initial massage of between 45 mins to an hour.

Each session is up to 1.5 hrs.


Maintenance Massage

If the session is primarily a maintenance massage, the whole body will be worked. For remedial sessions, particular attention is focused on one or more specific areas, as well as the whole body. I will include a selection of suitable stretches (if appropriate) and some phototherapy.

Each session is 45 mins to 1hr.


Pre / Post-Event

Pre-event massages are vital to prepare your horse for prolongued or intensive physical exercise. And then a post-event massage designed to cool and relax the horse after an event; they are necessary in preventing injury, muscle strain and fatigue, and to aid recovery.

Each session is up to 25 mins.

*The above prices are for visits within 20 miles of Bideford, North Devon (Zone 1). For equine sports massage appointments over 20 miles from Bideford, North Devon (Zone 2), there is an additional charge of £5 per appointment to cover fuel and travel time. Appointments over 30 miles from Bideford are subject to an additional mileage charge of £0.50 per mile.

International appointments or appointments further afield, prices are on request.


  • 3 or more horses on the same yard / same day – receive £5 discount each.
  • Loyalty bookings – book and pay for 4 sessions in advance, receive £20 discount.
  • Recommend a friend (paid appts. only) – receive £5 discount off your next session.


I understand that occasionally you may have to cancel an appointment. If this is the case, I request that you kindly notify me of your cancellation at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
Failure to do so will result in a 100% charge of your scheduled massage/treatment.

Equine Phototherapy

I will often use phototherapy as another tool in my equine massage treatment box. It’s a non-invasive treatment that supports healing and reduces infection.

It’s proven to relax muscle tension and spasms – relieving pain, inflammation and can help with chronic conditions such as overuse injuries and arthritis. The device encourages pain relief through red light therapy which releases endorphins (the body’s natural pain killing chemicals), and serotonin (the key chemical for stabilising mood and enhancing feelings of well-being). 

Equine sports massage devon - phototherapy

Regular massage therapy for your horse means a healthy horse with lower rates of injury, lameness, or chronic problems.

Equine sports massage isn’t just about relaxation, it’s about keeping your horse in top condition!

Veterinary Consent

Recent clarification from the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) states that: Musculoskeletal maintenance care for a healthy animal, for instance massage, does not require delegation by a veterinary surgeon. However, the animal must still be registered with a veterinary surgeon. Maintenance should cease and the owner of the animal should be asked to take their animal to a veterinary surgeon for clinical examination at the first sign that there may be any underlying injury, disease or pathology.

The massage must be approved by your veterinarian if your horse is suffering from musculoskeletal trouble or any signs of illness. Massages for healthy horses can be performed without veterinary consent for maintenance care. Following the initial assessment or during the massage, if there are signs of underlying injury, the session will be terminated and you will be advised to seek veterinary care.

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